After a scenic boat ride we arrived on the island of Nkombo, where a short, steep walk brought us to the school where we received a very enthusiastic welcome from the pupils.

First we were treated to a fantastic singing assembly, before we split into groups for the day – Miss Leah and Mrs Doliveux on drama, and Mr Hughes assisting Devonshire House teachers with dancing. The whole school rotated in classes so every child got to do each activity.


Armed with some fantastic props we decided to tell the story of the three little pigs and the big bad wolf to the children through a puppet show. We made sure it was very interactive and got the kids up so they could do actions from important moments in the story and repeat some of the key phrases.

A highlight was definitely getting them all to “huff, and puff and blow the house down” altogether. It was wonderful to see how each group reacted to the show and despite the language barrier they were able to understand the story thanks to the visuals and the movement.

With a little dance at the end it was certainly a very energetic and entertaining lesson, especially when there were about 60-80 children in the room compared to our usual 16-18.

Unfortunately we were having so much fun we forgot to take any photos!


With head dance teacher Lou at the helm, we devised a routine which we adapted according to each age group, and finished with a free flow dance circle backdropped by stunning Lake Kivu!

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