Painting at Ngwino Nawe

We spent most of the first week at Ngwino Nawe, the disabled children’s village.

It was lovely to see so many of the children we know so well, as well as the wonderful teachers.

The outside area the children use to play in was looking rather tired and the paint was peeling off. After a chat with staff we came up with a plan. We would not only repaint but make it a ‘teaching wall’.

We spent two days chipping off old paint and covering the walls with a base coat, whilst planning images that children could relate to and the teachers could use as a learning resource.

We divided the walls into sections; shape, a height chart, family, food, classroom and Rwandan animals the children had seen and could count.

This would provide endless learning opportunities for naming objects and colours, as well as creating stories .

We were so grateful as well for the help from the children , which really gave them ownership of the spectacular end result.

One of the teachers, Alphonsine put it straight to use, signing the shapes and getting the children to find them in the picture of the house. A few days hard work was so worth while!

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