On Tuesday we headed to Munyove school where the inspiring head teacher and her team of staff had set out an amazing agenda for the day.

First on the itinerary was lesson observations. The school includes primary and secondary up to sixteen so it was really interesting to see a range of ages and subjects being taught. Miss Leah was entertaining with her wonderful drama, as always, Mr Hughes was putting his computer expertise to use in an ICT lesson and Mrs O’Brien and Mrs Doliveux did some lovely art work with the younger children which they used to decorate their classroom.

Following this, we split up the older girls and boys and male and female teachers in order to discuss gender issues that they face. Both discussions were very impactful and covered university, future plans, motherhood and family expectations.

With the girls we focused a lot on how they cope with women’s issues and what could be done to make it easier for them. They were initially quite shy to talk about this but by the end they were asking lots of questions and having discussions with their peers. The boys wanted to know more about education and the differences between Rwanda and the UK, and advice on how to prepare for job interviews.

It was next time for drama and dance performances by the pupils, from Nursery up to Secondary. We saw everything from singing to acrobatics!

The performances ended with the Devonshire House group performing a rendition of Pompeii by Bastille followed by presentations of resources to the school and very generous gifts from the school to representatives of Devonshire House, LEH and King’s House School.

After lunch the girls were challenged to a relay game which was a lot of fun, though the local girls were a lot faster!

Then we spectated a very heated handball match with some of the older boys at the school, we were quite glad to just be on the sidelines for this one!

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